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About Us

Our goal was to institute an alumni basketball league made up of teams consisting of Iona Men from their respective graduating years.  This alumni league has allowed Iona men of varying ages to network with one another while returning to Iona’s campus and re-engaging with the Iona Community.  League games are played on Monday nights from February to May with the championship game taking place the week before Memorial Day.  The Prep has also been nice enough to let us gather for alumni-only open gyms on Monday nights in October and November.

Iona Prep Men of All Ages

The league is made up of Iona Men spanning FIVE DECADES!  We welcome Iona Prep Alumni of all ages and all basketball abilities to participate.  If basketball isn't your thing, feel free to come watch our games or join us for our annual Family Day gathering in the Spring.  

Family Day

During the course of each season, we will have a Saturday designated as Family Day for our league participants.  Family, friends and fellow alumni are invited to join us for an afternoon of league games at the Prep.  2018's Family Day is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 21st from Noon to 6:00PM.

Student Workers
In an effort to make this basketball league a complete Iona Prep endeavor, we have invited current students to work our games. These young men prep the gym, tend to the scoreboard and keep time for all games. They have even been called on to lace 'em up and play with the old guys.  
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