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Iona Prep Alumni Basketball League Rules and Regulations


1.  Teams should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.  Iona Prep Alumni Basketball League Commissioner reserves the right to exclude any player that does not conduct himself in a manner befitting the high standards of Iona Men. 


2.  Two 20 minute running time halves.  Clock stops during the last minute of each half.  (Note: Half time to last 5 minutes)


3.  A player fouls out after 6th foul.

- One-and-one Bonus upon the 10th team foul per half.

- Double Bonus upon the 12th team foul per half.  On the foul shot we play the release.


4.  Forfeit time will be 10 minutes after scheduled game time.  A team can start a game with 4 players.  If a team forfeits a game, they must pay an $80.00 fine (which may be used to cover the referee fee) before their next scheduled game.  Failure to pay this fine will result in an automatic expulsion from the league.  Any team forfeiting two games during a season will be automatically dropped from the league.


5. Rosters are limited to 10 players.


6. The officials have been instructed to call a tight game so games stay in control.


7. Players must wear the team shirt that is supplied by the league.  Each player without a team shirt will result in the team being penalized two technical foul shots before the start of the game.


8.  Abusive language will not be tolerated, either directed at the officials or other players.  Any infraction will lead to the offending player being ejected from the game and the gym.


9.  Technical fouls will result in an immediate $10 fine.  Play will not resume until the offending player pays $10 to the commissioner or referee.


10.  A player engaged in a fight will be automatically ejected from the game and the gym.  He will also be expelled for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.  Lifetime ban will be discussed with the player after the completion of the season.


11. No protests permitted.


12.  A team is given 3 full timeouts per game.


13.  Overtime will last 2 minutes.  The play clock will run during the first minute, but it will stop during the second minute.  Only one timeout during overtime (no carry-overs permitted).


14.  The play clock will run during the last minute of the game if there is a 20 point score differential.


(Note: there has been a request by two teams to address foul bonuses and running time during playoff games.  These two topics are under review for the 2016 League Playoffs)

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